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Kim Huybrechts: “Scolia is worth every penny!”

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Huybrechts Scolia

In a previous article, we already discussed the unique dart system Scolia, which eliminates the need to manually tally scores and allows you to play darts online against others in matches and tournaments. More and more PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) players are also using this system, including Kim Huybrechts. We had a conversation with him about his experiences.

Hello Kim, great that you could spare some time for us. Firstly, how are you doing?

You’re welcome. I’ve just returned from a wonderful vacation with friends in Mallorca. I intentionally took a break from darts to relax. It works best for me, so I can come back refreshed and motivated to get back to work!

Good to hear that you had a nice vacation and are looking forward to the second half of the year. How do you reflect on the end of the first half, especially the World Matchplay?

I was quite disappointed with the outcome at the World Matchplay. It’s never pleasant to lose in the first round of one of the most important tournaments. After all, you want to give your best. I had opportunities to defeat Dirk van Duijvenbode, but unfortunately, I couldn’t close it out.

Huybrechts Scolia
Source: Jonas Hunold/PDC

We understood that you train with the Scolia system yourself. How did you come into contact with it and how extensively do you use it?

Through Bulls NL, I got in touch with Scolia, as they have a strong connection with them. I had already read about it and wanted to try it out myself. Nowadays, I use it daily with a lot of satisfaction. During the initial period, I played many online matches, but I do that less frequently now. I know that other darters like Leighton Bennett, Jeroen Caron, and the Dasseville brothers also use the system. An interesting detail is that my brother, Ronny, will also start using Scolia soon.

Furthermore, I use the system, which is also available through my own Dartshop Hurricane, for dart clinics that I provide to my customers. The game Bobs27 is one of my favorites. With this, we can precisely see which sections of the board I’m hitting well and which I’m not. This applies to doubles as well. Thanks to the analysis, I noticed, for example, that I’m less accurate with double 9 and 12.

It’s great to hear that you’re making extensive use of Scolia! What are your experiences up until now?

I am extremely satisfied with the Scolia dart system. It’s easy to use and ideal when you’re playing alone or with someone else. The system takes care of the scoring, allowing you to maintain your rhythm. Additionally, the heatmaps are extremely useful. They clearly show where my darts land the most and whether they are grouped nicely. I also find the detailed information about training and matches personally beneficial. These data are valuable for improving my own darts game.

Lastly, would you recommend the system to other darters as well?

Of course, there’s a significant price tag on Scolia, but in my opinion, it’s truly worth every cent. As a big fan, I also promote Scolia regularly. Not just because it’s about Scolia, but because I genuinely believe it’s an excellent system for every darter, both recreational and professional. If you’re truly striving for improvement and aiming for a higher level in darts, I recommend getting started with Scolia!

Thank you for your time, Kim, and best of luck in the upcoming months!

You’re welcome, and thank you!

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